The Benefits of Effective Communication with Injured Employees: Reduced Costs and Greater Employee Satisfaction
Presented by Glenn Easley, Mediator for the Division of Workers’ Compensation

For the last 15 years, Glenn Easley has been talking to disgruntled employees (and some disgruntled employers), explaining the Missouri Workers’ Compensation System and encouraging all concerned parties to work together and avoid the expense, stress, and delay of contested litigation. Before coming to work for the Division, Glenn spent 20 years in private law practice, representing employees and employers in Missouri Workers’ Compensation cases. During this presentation, Glenn will tell you the most common sources of employee dissatisfaction and offer suggestions on how they may be reduced or eliminated. Glenn will also answer general questions about the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law and practice before the Division of Workers’ Compensation, including explanations of common terms and abbreviations. If you sometimes struggle with “AWW;” “TTD;” “MMI;” “PPD” and the like, Glenn will be glad to help you.