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Missouri Workers' Memorial Day 2011

>>LARRY REBMAN: Hello, everyone.  Good afternoon.  Thank you all for coming.  My name is Larry Rebman.  I’m the Director of the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.  Thank you all for joining us here today for the 2011 Workers’ Memorial Day Rembrance. 

Today, April 28, 2011, marks 41 years since the Act enactment of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, known as OSHA.  In 1970, when OSHA was enacted, there were 13,800 fatalities in the United States.  Since 1970, our workforce has doubled.  Despite doubling of our workforce, today there are 4,600 fatal accidents in the United States each year.  This is one-third the number from 1970.  We’ve made progress, but we can do better. 

Unfortunately, we’re here today because 95 Missourians just like you and me got up, put on their shoes, packed their lunch, hugged their families and went to work and they did not return.  Safe jobs, save lives is the theme of our memorial and we hope employers and employees alike take this message to heart.  Safety can prevent injuries.  They can prevent the loss of life.  At this time we ask all employers and employees in this great state’s room to renew their commitment to safety.  To think about the ways to ensure that proper safety precautions are in place so that all workers can return home safely to their families.

Therefore, on behalf of the Governor, Jay Nixon, and the legislature, the Department of Labor today will continue to make sure we have safe workplaces in  Missouri in honor of those men and women who did not come home. 

At this time, we’re going to try to recognize all the families here today by presenting you with a proclamation also signed by the governor, as well as the Missouri flag from your state representative and the U.S. flag from your senator.  Many flags have been flown at the capitol courtesy of the legislators and when we call your loved one’s name, please join me on stage for the presentation of these items.

The family of Randall Barnes.

The family of Dan De Kraai

The family of Terry Finley

The family of James Flanary

The family of Leslie Floyd

The family of Eugene Hale

The family of Kim Handy

The family of Michael Hart

The family of Ethan Hutchinson

The family of Jerry Johnson

The family of Officer Jeffry Kowalski

The family of Nicholas McCormick

The family of Kelly McDaniel

The family of Floyd Mier

The family of Nathaniel Mitchem

The family of Marty Nelson

The family of Clinton O’Hare

The family of Ronald Routh

The family of Daniel Schatz

The family of Glen Sinclair

The family of James Spinks

The family of Edy Vasquez

The family of George Wheeler

The family of Billy Yeargain