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Missouri Unemployment Insurance Fraud - Full

>>NARRATOR: Are you knowingly providing false, inaccurate information when you're filing an unemployment insurance claim? If you answered yes, then you're committing unemployment insurance fraud.

>>CAROL LUECKE: Some examples are returning to work full time but still collecting unemployment benefits. Working a part time job but failing to report your earnings on your weekly certification. Uh, anytime you hold back information or provide an uh, false information, that is considered an act of fraud.

>>NARRATOR: If you're caught unemployment insurance fraud, you will face some very harsh consequences, which will include repaying unemployment insurance benefits plus penalties or even incarceration for fraudulent overpayment.

>>CAROL: Prosecution cases are determined based on the severity of the over payment. Um, we look at the number of times that fraudulent information was provided, how many acts of fraud was involved, uh how many dollars were improperly paid. If you were over paid thousands of dollars and you committed fraud over and over again, um your case could be considered for prosecution.

>>NARRATOR: Unemployment benefits are not extra income. These benefits are temporary assistance until you regain full time employment. You can avoid fraud by truthfully answering our questions about whether you are unemployed and accurately reporting any earned income each time you complete an unemployment insurance claim.

>>CAROL: The most important tip is again, being truthful with the answers that you provide on you-uh, any of your weekly certifications or filing your initial claim, and if you're unsure about how to answer a question, please give the regional claim center a call. Do no rely on advice from friends and family or employers. Um, go to the source of the information and that would be your regional claim center.