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Gov. Nixon, Ford, UAW Leaders Announce New Auto Line and Jobs for Kansas City

>>GOVERNOR JAY NIXON: Today we’re here to celebrate the rebirth of the American automotive industry.  It begins here.  It begins today.  It begins right now.  On my first full day as Governor I made a commitment to each of you, a commitment that we would build the automobiles of the future right here in America and right here in Missouri.  And a full-size Transit van.  A vehicle that has never been built in America will now be produced right here in Missouri and sold for the first time ever in the American market. 

>>MARK FIELDS (FORD VP): And also as part of our kind of stepped up commitment to the community, in total we’re going to invest 1.1 billion, that’s with a B, in the Kansas City assembly plant, and that’s 700 million dollars more than we just announced a little earlier this year.

>>JIM WELLS (UAW DIRECTOR): The State of Missouri has got the best work force in the United States and in the world.

>>GOVERNOR NIXON: Starting the first half of next year the assembly plant will build F150’s on two shifts, so 800 more folks will come on line.

>>STACEY PERRY (FORD WORKER): It’s not just about us.  It is about the community.  It is about making sure our families and neighbors have job opportunities out there.  Nixon’s really done an amazing job working with us.  He’s fought amazing for us.

>>GOVERNOR NIXON: The rebirth of the American auto industry begins at this moment in time.  And let me be totally clear, it is no accident that it starts in Missouri.