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Husky Provides Safety Breaks for the Pump and for Workers

>>ALAN SIEDHOFF: It was very important for everybody to input correcting the fixes, having their eyes open, looking for additional issues.  But, you know, they all chipped in to create the--put the fixes in the place and, you know, not only for today, but things that are long-term that will stay in place all the time.

>>LARRY REBMAN: One of the most is significant modifications to the workplace was an assembly machine that had a spinning gear that could catch or injure somebody, and the SHARP Program identified a safety device to put around that to keep people from getting hung up in that mechanism.

>>SIEDHOFF: Everything is made right here in Pacific, Missouri.  We’re a one-location facility.  We do all of our own machining in house.  The assembly, shipping, is all done out of this single location here.  We have about 110 employees doing that processing.

>>REBMAN: What they’ve done is they’ve set up work stations.  They’re rotating people through those work stations and to other work stations so you’re not doing the repetitive tasks that sometimes cause carpal tunnel.  We’ve seen an increase of 56 percent participation in the Elite Safety Program.  The next time you’re pumping gas at the gas station and you notice that Husky logo on that gas nozzle, you’ll know that that’s’ a safe product made by a safe workforce here in Missouri.

>>SIEDHOFF: So everybody is a very big part of the entire process.