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This Week in Labor - January 15, 2013

>>AMY SUSAN: This Week in Labor.. we’re now accepting Prevailing Wage Surveys online.

In the past, commercial contractors had to send wage rate surveys on paper forms… but this new application allows submitters to plug in data from their 2012 commercial construction projects in a matter of minutes. Be sure to visit and get your hours in before it’s too late. We ask that information be submitted by February 1.

It’s tax season once again. If you’re claiming unemployment it’s very important you access your 1099 G form to meet tax obligations. Visit and download your 1099 G form by clicking on the link in the red.

When you get your paycheck this month, you may notice a slight reduction. That’s because there’s a Social Security Tax rate increase. In 2011 and 2012 employees nationwide received a 2 percent reduction in the Social Security tax withholding rate. This temporary reduction expired December 31, 2012. Now the employee-paid tax rate will return to the previous rate and increase from 4.2 to 6.2 percent. This change affects all wage earners nationwide.

Next Monday, January 21st our nation will recognize one of the most visible advocates of nonviolent direct action for social change, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Next Monday there will be many events to honor MLK. If you would like to read more about Martin Luther King Jr. or if you want to see a complete list of events for January 21st please visit this website. As always, our offices will be closed in recognition of this state and federal holidays.

And that is this week in Labor.