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Labor Dept Offers FREE Workplace Safety Seminars to Missouri Employers
Dept. Partners with Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotels to Kick Off Safety Awareness Month

St. Louis, Mo-- In an effort to raise awareness about Safety Awareness Month in June, the Missouri Labor Department partnered with the Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotel to offer free workplace safety seminars to Missouri employers. Missouri businesses are working harder than ever; employers and workers have to do more with less.  While this means that individual productivity is up, the burden of these additional tasks has increased the risk of an often unseen workplace hazard: stress. 

“We are seeing an increase in stress-related job separation issues,” says Department Director Larry Rebman. “We want Missouri employers to understand the Labor Department is a resource at their disposal.”

The department’s workplace stress seminar will help employers learn techniques and programs that they can bring back with them, and train their supervisors and managers.  Then Missouri workplaces can incorporate stress management into their company’s safety programs in the future.

"Safety is critical for management because it keeps workers on the job and improves their quality of life. People assume that construction industries and other high hazard industries are the only ones with safety concerns, but that's not the case," said Yasmin Chittakhone, Director of Human Resources for the Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotel.

“All industries and employers need to be constantly striving for improvement in safety, even the employers with the best safety records.  We all need to stay ahead of workplace safety issues,” emphasized Rebman.

The seminar covered stress management, as well as preventing workplace harassment, and combating negativity in the workplace.  This seminar is part of the Labor Department’s effort to get employers to rethink what workplace safety means.  An overwhelming number of Missourians work in office settings.  This type of work setting may not be considered high-hazard, however, it can be equally dangerous if employers and employees do not incorporate ways to reduce stress and feel comfortable in their daily routine. 

The following St. Louis employer safety partners attended today's free safety seminar: Sheraton Hotels, Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark, PayneCrest, and the Residence Inn.  For more information about how to incorporate safety in your place of business, how to sign up for the other FREE seminars begin conducted throughout the state, or how to sign up as a safety partner, visit

Safety Awareness Conference
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