FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 9, 2011

Kansas City Contractor Debarred from Working on Public Works Projects

KANSAS CITY, Mo—The Missouri Department of Labor’s request that Rycoblake Corporation be added to the Public Works Construction Debarment list was granted by the Secretary of State’s Office. Rycoblake’s placement on the Debarment List bars it from bidding or working on any publicly funded construction projects or any construction projects that benefit the public until December 1, 2012.

“The Missouri Department of Labor has a cooperation agreement with Jackson County for the coordinated enforcement of the Missouri Prevailing wage law and the laws of Jackson County. County Executive Mike Sanders, Tom Wyrsh of the Jackson County Compliance Office, and Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker are to be commended for this debarment,” says Department Director Larry Rebman. “This announcement should put contractors on notice that the state of Missouri and Jackson County are enforcing the law. The local economy and our state economy will not see the benefits of the public works construction if workers in our communities with mortgages and car loans are paid less than the going rate for such work. The prevailing wage supports worker health and pension benefits, the tax base, and ensures that construction is a highly trained occupation.”

The debarment is a result of a wage investigation completed by the Jackson County Compliant Office. The investigation concluded that Rycoblake owed $3,324.78 to three employees for work completed on the Kansas City Chiefs renovation project.  Because it was a public works project, employers were required to pay the prevailing wage rates for the specific county and occupations employed.

The Jackson County Compliance office is charged with monitoring the Kansas City Chiefs renovation project to ensure contractors comply with the prevailing wage law. The office conducts routine site visits and reviews payroll records.  Compliance officer Tom Wyrsh sent a wage survey to workers to complete and discovered Rycoblake misclassified workers as laborers rather than sheet metal workers and paid them less than the laborer rates.

“Once the project was announced, it was important to the Jackson County legislature that the prevailing wage laws were followed. The collaboration between the State, the Jackson County Sports Authority, the Royals, the Chiefs, and the Compliance Office is key in safeguarding the law and locating bad actors,” says Wyrsh. 

The compliance office filed charges with the local prosecuting attorney’s office for the prevailing wage violation. As part of a settlement agreement, Rycoblake Corporation agreed to pay restitution to the three workers and a voluntary debarment from working on public works projects until December 1, 2012. This company is the only company currently on the state debarment list.

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