Employee Notices

2/21/2013 - Hazardous Weather Policy Implemented
Pursuant to Office of Administration Policy B-15:
As of Thursday, February 21, 2013 12:00 PM, the hazardous travel policy for the state is implemented for February 21, 2013 for all MSHP Troop locations.

As a reminder Policy B-15 states in part:
A. Absences when the Hazardous Travel Policy has been implemented.
   1. Employees who are delayed or prevented from reporting to work due to inclement weather or who wish to leave work early due to worsening weather or road conditions may account for the absence by one of the following methods with the approval of their supervisors:
       a. charged to an employee\'s accumulated compensatory time.
       b. charged to an employee\'s accumulated annual leave.
       c. made up by adjusting work schedule. Make-up work shall be completed within a reasonable period without incurring overtime. Note: Due to the nature of an individual employee's duties, make-up work may not be an available alternative.
       d. charged to leave without pay only if the employee has insufficient accumulated compensatory and/or annual leave and the work schedule cannot be adjusted for the absence to be made up.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact our office at (573)751-2624.
It is up to each staff member to decide whether you want to leave now because of the weather. We want no one injured or endangered because of the hazardous weather conditions.
Calls from Unemployment Claimants
If you happen to receive a call from someone who has questions about their unemployment claim and you are not the right person for them to speak to, simply fill out the “Request for Assistance” form and submit it to the DES (by hitting Submit on the form) and they will address the issue.