Applying for Unemployment Benefits - Trailing Military Spouses

If you are moving to Missouri due to accompanying a military spouse on a relocation assignment, you will need to file for UI benefits from the state where you last worked. The chart below is a list of states that have similar laws to Missouri and may allow military spouses to file for benefits OR have laws that allow families to file for benefits due to an unforeseen family hardship.

State Contact Information
Alaska Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development 
Arkansas Arkansas Department of Workforce Services
Arizona Arizona Department of Economic Security 
California California Employment Development Department 
Colorado Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
Connecticut Connecticut Department of Labor
Delaware Delaware Department of Labor
District of Columbia District of Columbia Department of Employment Services
Florida Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
Georgia Georgia Department of Labor 
Hawaii Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
Iowa Iowa Workforce Development
Illinois Illinois Department of Employment Security
Indiana Indiana Department of Workforce Development 
Kansas Kansas Department of Labor 
Kentucky Kentucky Office of Employment
Maryland Maryland Department of Labor
Maine Maine Department of Labor 
Michigan Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
Missouri Missouri Department of Labor
Mississippi Mississippi Department of Employment Security
Montana Montana Department of Labor and Industry
North Carolina North Carolina Division of Employment Security
Nebraska Nebraska Workforce Development
New Hampshire New Hampshire Employment Security
New Jersey New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development
New Mexico New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions
Nevada Nevada Department of Employment
New York New York Department of Labor 
Oklahoma Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
Oregon Oregon Economic Development
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry 
Rhode Island Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training
South Carolina South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce
Tennessee Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Texas Texas Workforce Commission
Utah Utah Department of Workforce Services
Virginia Virginia Employment Commission
Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Department of Labor
Washington Washington Department of Employment Security
West Virginia Workforce West Virginia 
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Wyoming Wyoming Department of Workforce Services


Each state contains specific provisions and conditions to deem a claimant eligible or not. You must check with the state where you last worked to determine the eligibility of your UI claim. This website is updated each year and may not reflect recent legislative changes.