Unemployment Staff Contact Information

If You Need Help With . . .

Forms 573-751-3329 esemptax@labor.mo.gov
New Account Registration 573-751-3340 NewEmployer@labor.mo.gov
Reportable Wages 573-751-1995 ReportableWages@labor.mo.gov
Magnetic Wage Reporting (by computer diskette or compact disc)
Contact Telephone E-mail
Danielle Childs 573-751-3422 MagneticReporting@labor.mo.gov
Dot Pfeiffer 573-751-2271 MagneticReporting@labor.mo.gov
Unemployment State Tax Automated Reporting (USTAR) 751-1995
Benefit Charges 573-751-4034 BenefitCharges@labor.mo.gov
Tax Rates and Voluntary Contributions
Contact Telephone E-mail
Amy Yoakum 573-751-3412 TaxRates@labor.mo.gov
Nancy Calahan 573-751-9166 TaxRates@labor.mo.gov
Vickie Stark 573-751-3431 TaxRates@labor.mo.gov
Late Wage Reports or Payments
Contact Telephone E-mail
Sheri Harvey 573-751-3449 LateWageReports@labor.mo.gov
Jill Wood 573-751-1181 LateWageReports@labor.mo.gov
Adjustments to Reported Wages 573-751-1995 ReportableWages@labor.mo.gov
Contact Telephone E-mail
Amy Yoakum 573-751-3412 Refunds@labor.mo.gov
Vickie Stark 573-751-3431 Refunds@labor.mo.gov
Reimbursable Accounts
Contact Telephone E-mail
Julie Joens 573-751-0008 ReimbursableBilling@labor.mo.gov
Kay Henke 573-751-4001 ReimbursableChange@labor.mo.gov
Changes To or From Reimbursable Payment Method
Wage and Payment Certification to the Internal Revenue Serivces (IRS)
Employer Accounts Unit 573-751-1785 IRSCertification@labor.mo.gov
Change of Mailing Address
Liability Unit 573-751-3340 EmployerAddressChange@labor.mo.gov
Reporting that a Business No Longer Has Employees
Liability Unit 573-751-3340 NoEmployees@labor.mo.gov
Reporting a Change in Business Ownership
Liability Unit 573-751-3340 BusinessChange@labor.mo.gov