Training Requirements for Independent Contractors

In general, independent contractors working on mine property fall into three major categories/groups.

  1. Construction/Shaft and Slope
  2. Extraction or Production
  3. Maintenance or Service

Training is Divided into Two Types

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Hazard Training

Comprehensive Training

Defined as:

Comprehensive Training is further Divided into:

New Miner Training

A miner (independent contractors) who has not received new miner training within the previous 12 months or has not worked in a mine for 12 of the previous 36 months.

Experienced Miner Training

An experienced miner is a miner (independent contractor) who has received new miner training within the previous 12 months, or has worked 12 in the previous 36 months in a mine, or was working as a miner on the date Part 48 was published (October 13, 1978).

In either case, a miner must receive eight hours of annual refresher training every 12 months.

Hazard Training

Independent contractors not engaged in the extraction and production process or not regularly exposed to mine hazards must receive appropriate hazard training.

Independent contractor exposure to hazards varies from situation to situation. Hazard training must be tailored to fit training needs of the particular contractor. The greater the exposure to hazards, the greater the need for training.

An experienced miner must accompany independent contractors subject to hazard training at all times while underground.

Construction Workers

With the exception of independent contractors performing construction in an underground mine where the work has not stopped the mine from operating, all independent contractors are exempt from Part 48 training.

Extraction or Production Workers

Independent contractors performing extraction or production work are required to receive new miner or newly employed experienced miner training, depending upon experience.

Short Term Specialized Contract Workers

There is a provision in Part 48 for independent contractors who are specialized in the task(s) they perform to receive hazard training instead of new miner or newly employed experienced miner training, if they meet all the following conditions:

  1. Are experienced miners;
  2. Have received newly employed experienced miner training;
  3. Are current with the requirements of Section 48.7 or 48.27 (task training); and
  4. Are current with the requirements of Section 48.8 or 48.28 (annual refresher training).

Maintenance or Service Workers

Independent contractors performing maintenance or service fall into one of two categories.

  1. Regularly exposed - a miner (independent contractor) in this category requires either new or newly employed experienced miner training.
  2. Not regularly exposed - a miner (independent contractor) in this category requires hazard training.

Regularly exposed is defined as: "frequent" exposure, that is, a pattern of exposure to mine hazards occurring intermittently and repeatedly over time (rather than on a consecutive day basis); or "extended" exposure, that is, an exposure to mine hazards of more than five consecutive workdays.

Not regularly exposed is defined as: infrequent exposure; or exposure for five consecutive days or less.

For more information or to arrange a training course for your organization, call the Mine and Cave Safety and Health Program at 573-751-1422.