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Jacob's Cave Promo

>>FRANK HURLEY: Well, it's one of the prettier caves in the state of Missouri and it's the only cave that's handicapped accessible and we talk to the people rather than talking at the people. You got a question we stop and explain whatever they want to ask or get--so they get a good answer.

>>TOUR GUIDE: These darker bones right here are from bison or buffalo. Then we also have some wooly mammoth teeth and parts of the tusk. And when the rain water seeps down through the Earth it actually is a little bit acidic and it picks up these minerals and then as it drips or runs down the side of the wall it leaves these minerals behind and that's how you get your formation growth in the cave.

The bottom of the cave would've actually been right there to the bottom of that formation and during one of the ice ages the water actually washed all the clay up from underneath it and it didn't have time to form back the floor leaving that flat bottom on it there.

Well, what they found was they had hit the world's largest geode. Now if you don't know what a geode is it's actually a hallow rock, or a crevice and it can either have gas in it or water and in this case this one had water in it and as we go through here if you look up to the left you can see the geode where the water ran through the clay and actually those look like feathers. But there used to be a big bank of clay right here.