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About PDF's

Adobe Systems’ Portable Document Format (PDF) is a widely used format for providing forms and information via the Internet. Many government agencies, both Federal and State, have adopted the PDF as the standard for both distributing and collecting information. Adobe’s Acrobat Reader software is available for free download from Adobe’s website. The Reader software enables any computer user to view and print the PDF documents. (For more about Reader, click here)

To download the Reader click on the "Get Acrobat Reader" button below. This will take you to Adobe Systems’ website. Follow the detailed instructions on the Adobe website to download and then install the software on your computer.

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About Adobe Acrobat Reader

To view and print the forms and information available in PDF on the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations site, all you need is the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and can be run as an independent program or as a "plug-in" for most major web browsers to allow online viewing of PDF documents. We recommend using the most recent version of the Acrobat Reader (version 8.0). Some forms and documents may not open, print, or be able to be saved with an older version of the Reader.

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Accessibility Support

When downloading the Acrobat Reader you can choose a version with additional options, Accessibility Support is included in the options package. Downloading the Acrobat Reader with the additional options will take more time because the file is larger.

Online tools for blind and visually impaired users. Adobe provides online tools that convert a PDF document to HTML and then show it in your browser application or email it to you. The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DOLIR) provides this link as a convenience to our Internet visitors. DOLIR cannot guarantee that all PDF's can be converted to HTML using this tool.

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Fill-In Forms

PDF Documents can be made "fillable." The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DOLIR) has provided some forms that you can complete on your computer screen for printing and some forms can be saved to your computer with the data entered.

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Printing Tips

Remember that a high quality printer is necessary to print usable copies of the forms. Any laser, ink-jet, or bubble-jet printer in good working order should be fine. Some high quality, high resolution dot matrix printers may work.

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Occasionally, .PDF files may not open automatically in your Internet browser. Following are some troubleshooting tips that may work for you. Additional assistance is available from the Adobe Systems website.

Plug-In help:

Some users of the Windows version of the Reader “plug-in” have trouble viewing PDF documents online (getting blank screens, for example). These tips may help, and the Adobe Systems website may have more tips for configuring the plug-in correctly:

Sometimes, reinstalling the Acrobat Reader software will correct the problem as well.

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Security Settings

If your browser security settings are set on "HIGH," your browser will not be able to open PDF forms and documents. Reset to "MEDIUM" or "LOW." If you do not wish to lower your security settings, please see the "Download Fix" section below.

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Reader Version

If you are using Acrobat Reader version 4.x or lower, you may have trouble opening the PDF forms and documents. Please upgrade to the most current version. For details, go to "About Adobe Acrobat Reader." To tell what version you are using, watch for the popup screen that appears when you open a pdf.

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Download Fix

If you are unable to view the forms and documents online, you may still be able to download the PDF file to your computer and save it for offline viewing and printing using the Acrobat Reader software.

PC 2-Button Mouse Instructions:

Macintosh Instructions:

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Additional Troubleshooting

For additional troubleshooting help, please visit the Adobe website for technical assistance:

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