State Board of Mediation


The State Board of Mediation is the state agency statutorily charged with the responsibility for determining appropriate bargaining units of public employees that request the establishment of such units and for conducting elections to determine the exclusive bargaining representative for those units. Public bodies or their designated representatives meet and discuss proposals concerning employment conditions with the labor or employee organization that the public employees have chosen as their exclusive bargaining representative. The Board's jurisdiction includes all public employees with the exception of police, deputy sheriffs, Missouri State Highway Patrol Officers, members of the Missouri National Guard, and all teachers of all Missouri schools, colleges, and universities. All public employees, even those not within the jurisdiction of the State Board of Mediation have the right to join a union. Public employees, however, have no right to strike.

Laws and Regulations

Public Officers and Employees - Miscellaneous Provisions
Sections 105.500 to 105.530 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.
Labor Relations
Sections 295.010 to 295.210 or the Revised Statutes of Missouri
Department of Labor and Industrial Relations - Code of State Regulations
8 CSR 40-1.010 to 8 CSR 40-2.180.

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